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Greatest Rap Groups

Greatest Rap Groups of All-Time

So I'm just chilling at Panera Bread and started to think about who may be the greatest rap groups of all-time. It is hard to pick just one but there have to be some that stand above the others. So many artists today are one and done on their hits but think back in the day....groups were hitting on albums one after another and had much more staying power.

Run D.M.C. has to be to the top of the list because they just brought rap to a new level and broke into the mainstream as the first rap group to be featured on MTV. Does that make them the best? I don't know. Jackie Robinson was the first black player to break into the major leagues but many thought Josh Gibson or Satchel Paige were the best black baseball players at the time. So first does not always equal best but songs like Rock Box, Hard Times, Sucker MC's and Jam Master Jay definitely made an impact. And of course they were one of the first to cross over into the Rock and Roll Genre and essentially save and revive the career of Aerosmith. So it's very hard to argue that they are not one of the best rap groups of all-time.

What about Public Enemy? Do you see them stacking up in history as one of the best. Back in the 1990's spin wrote an article discussing the 5 most influential bands and groups of all-time and Public Enemy was one of the bands or groups listed. Keep in mind this list included the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing " featured Radio Raheem who only listened to Public Enemy and featured him playing Fight The Power throughout the movie. Why? In my opinion it was because the message of the song was so strong. Fear Of A Black Planet was song for song one of the best rap albums ever made and was a solid follow-up to It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. They also were one of the groups to bring knowledge and enlightenment to a lot of black and white youth through rap music.

How about N.W.A.? Way before Rodney King received his beat down, N.W.A. was talking about the actions of the Los Angeles Police Department. Here is a group that go no airplay and had their Straight Outta Compton video banned on MTV and were still able to go platinum without Straight Outta Compton. The buzz was just that strong about their music. Ice Cube, MC Ren, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre and DJ Yella put the West Coast on the map of the rap world. Straight Outta Compton became an anthem and Fuck Tha Police became a chant. Unfortunately, Ice Cube left the group soon after their album released but the group and Ice Cube both persevered. Dre has become one of if not the top producer in Hip Hop. Eazy-E before his death to HIV also proved his talents on his solo albums. The group influenced a good amount of the acts that later followed from the West Coast.
These are just three of the groups that I see having a great influence on the history of Hip-Hop but are they the best? Who knows and how does one decide. The debate will always be there.
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ON Mark Cuban and Insider Trading Accusations

Insider Trading is a joke anyway. It's the only area where you are penalized for doing your research and homework. Even if Mark Cuban found out this information then why should he be forced to lose more money? I've never liked the reasoning behind insider trading. Sure, go ahead and invest, but remember you can't do research and find out secrets about the company you invest in or we will fine you and send you to jail. I thought we had a free enterprise system in America. Fight it Mark and I hope you win.
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Favorite Thanksgiving Food

With Thanksgiving just under 2 weeks away, what are you looking forward to the most, if anything? Is it the star of the show.....the turkey? How about the cranberry sauce or the lumpy mashed potatoes with gravy? Maybe it's the macaroni? Sound off....what is your favorite Thnaksgiving dish?
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WVU players arrested.

Two of the WVU football players have been arrested according to a story out of Morgantown. Let's hope that this is not the start of something bad under coach Bill Stewart. If players feel that there is a lack of control then some of them can easily get into trouble. Luckily, it seems that these two players were not key players.
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Bill Stewart and WVU

I have the unfortunate experience of being a WVU grad and living in the Cincinnati metro region. Everyone that knows me knows that I support WVU and am a proud Mountaineer. After this week's loss to UC it was  alittle tough. I think UC played a great game but WVU DID NOT SHOW UP. That is what was so dissappointing. And I wonder if Bill Stewart is the man for the job and of course this isn't the first time that WVU looked dysfunctional this season.

My concern is that WVU seems to be regressing instead of progressing. And yes, I know it's early into the Stewart regime but there are little things being missed that I don't even miss coaching my 9 and 10 year old football team. WVU has arguably the best dual passing and running threat in the country and he's being limited by the offense in play at this time. The defense has been playing well but the offense has to put points on the board. That UC game mostly likely cost us a BCS Bowl trip and it looks like the only way we get back in is by Pitt beating UC and us beating Pitt. It can be done......but can it be done under Bill Stewart and his staff.


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Where does Brett Favre Rank in Top QB's?

Brett Favre played the game of football with such passion and exuberance that there is no other quarterback that I believe thatcan match the intensity that he delivered.  Clearly, he played until the end of his career with that jubilance that football players feel the first time they step on to the field. But, where does Brett stand among the other signal callers? How do you make a decision? Is it based on Trophys? Records? Doing the best with what you have available? Only time will tell, but as of today, here is where I see the top 10 QB's of all-time:

1) Joe Montana - poise, talent, game management and leadership skills make him number 1

2) Johnny Unitas - strong leadership ability mixed with tough moxie

3) Tom Brady - phenomenal management skills and rarely makes errors

4) John Elway - never give up attitude mixed with a burning desire to win

5) Brett Farve - tough and gritty and a true gunslinger that's not afraid to take chances

6) Steve Young - fiery attitude that played with a chip on his shoulder and accuracy above others

7) Dan Marino - determination to win and almost had the ability to carry a whole team on his shoulders

8) Peyton Manning - perfect student of the game and creates stengths from opposing teams weaknesses

9) Bart Star - true warrior that could manage and do what was needed to win

10) Roger Staubach - determination mixed with no quit and a fight to the end attitude

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What Superhero would you be?

This year will mark the release of the movie Iron Man, which will be the latest movie made about a super hero. And from the trailers, it looks like it's going to be one hell of a movie. But, if you had to be a super hero then who would you choose. What character would best fit your profile. For me it's a tough choice between Wolverine, who has always been a long time favorite, and Blade. Both are kind of the reluctuctant hero personas and carry a I don't care attitude which I favor. They both can be a team player but prefer to work alone. Both have their own demons to deal with internally and yet find ways to overcome them. If I had to choose between the two then I would probably say Blade. Probaly because of the little extra violence and cool weapons. But what about you? Who would you choose?
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Top 10 Hottest Movie Actresses of All-Time

  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Marilyn Monroe
  3. Halle Berry
  4. Sharon Stone
  5. Jessica Alba
  6. Jessica Biehl
  7. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  8. Kelly Hu
  9. Bo Derek
  10. Ashley Judd
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